Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VIRTUOSO is a small web series dedicated to the people who run on alternative world of ar and culture , for whom their hobby is a serious business but ironically are not looked up as favorable career option in India.
This is the first trailer and features Sameer Hazari,a contemporary artist/painter from New Delhi.
This video is sole property of HASTPA and I edited this video for Lights on Films as an Editor.. The cinematography is collective vision  of Brijesh Birua,Satyarth Singh (Lights on Films),Bhavna Sharma,Vijeta Sharma and Anish Joseph respectively.
 MTB HImalaya is an annual event and is one of the world's most difficult off road mountain cycling rally.
A small concept on Child Labor.. non profitable project.
Made for a friend.

Live Action  Stop Motion Rotoscopy