Monday, August 24, 2015

Song : Without you (Soch)

Singer : Vaibhav Saxena, Hardy Sandhu
Music : Vaibhav Saxena, B. Prank
Lyrics : Vaibhav Saxena,Jaani

Music on T-Series

Directed by : Manoj Kumar
D.O.P : Brijesh Birua
Production : Flamingo Films

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Ja Tenu Chadhta "

Artist: N.S Chauhan |feat. Erban & Triveni Burman

Cinematography : Brijesh Birua & Kishor Rawat
Editor : Aman Batra
 Production House : Xoheb Khan Studio
Shooting Equipments : Flamingo Films,New Delhi

Monday, June 22, 2015

Here is the Teaser for N.S Chauhan's New Single "Ja Tenu Chadta" fet. Erban,releasing on July,2015 under the label of Three Records.

Artist: N.S Chauhan |feat. Erban & Triveni Burman

Cinematography : Brijesh Birua
1st Camera Assistant : Kishore Rawat
Editor : Aman Batra
 Production House : Xoheb Khan Studio
Shooting Equipments : Flamingo Films,New Delhi

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Client : Viacom 18 (MTV Indies)
Post Production : Standalone Films, New Delhi
Editor : Deepak Kattar
Assistant Editor : Brijesh Birua

I was assisting my senior editor for two episodes.

Indian Ocean have been one of India's most prolific bands over the past 2 decades. This year they mark their 25th year with their biggest album yet. Titled Tandanu, the album features 7 new tracks with 7 different collaborators. Each track also has an exclusive "Making Of" video with behind the scenes footage of the band jamming and brainstorming with the artists. 

The second episode features percussion maestro Karsh Kale. The lilting start to this piece led to its working title, 'Sweet' ... Once the band decided to collaborate with Karsh on this song, he took the song and moved it into a very jazzy space, and Sanjeev Sharma's lyrics turned it into a song about the power of today's youth. This is the first song from the new album that the band has played on stage after the recording

.MTV Chase The Monsoon Season 01 ( Click here  for the Link)

Client: Viacom 18( MTV)
Production : Groove Rabbit,Bombay

CEAT MTV Chase The Monsoon was one of its kind a unique travelling show on bikes across one corner of country to another in search of rain.I was one of the on ground producers for the entire season

Client : Viacom 18 (MTV)
Ground Producer : Brijesh Birua

I was one of one if the ground producers for digital media for the EDM event.

Client : Northern Motorsports
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Editor : Shobhit Singh/Brijesh Birua

The Desert Storm, organised jointly by Maruti Suzuki and Northern Motorsports considered one of the toughest motorsports event of the country.

Client: IIFD
Cinematographer :Brijesh Birua
Editor : Shobhit Singh
Production : Mind Twister Films 

Song - Saawariya
Music/Composition and Lyrics - Ashish Chauhan

Singers - Ashish Chauhan and Kavya Singh

Artists - Danik Ghosh (Bass), Nikhil Kumar (Flute), Rahul Salwan (Tabla)

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by - Keshav Dhar

Video Production & Editing - Brijesh Birua and Shobit Singh

Actors - Karishhma Lamba

Art Work - Aaquib Wani

Still Photography - Divye Dua

So here comes my first directorial debut. This was a very special project. With mostly  03 people in crew. We shot it mostly in Guerrilla format but the final output was quiet satisfactory. Shot entirely on Delhi NCR aCanon 5D Mark III & Canon 6D.

Ashish used to be an integral member of band Nasya. But as of now he is an independent artist with some films to his credit including "Jalpari"

Client : Maruti Suzuki India
Agency : Hukuhodo Percept,Delhi
Editor & CC : Brijesh Birua
Post Production: Xoheb Khan Studio

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Client: Fluid Fitness Gym

Production House: Xoheb Khan Studio
Cinematographer: Brijesh Birua
Stills : Xoheb Khan
1st AD : Varsha Shukhla
1st CA : Anmol Simon Lakra
Editor/Post Production : Shobhit Singh

Fluid Fitness is the largest gym in Delhi,NCR.
This ad portrays the mental dilemma of young urban India,whose young yet restless and is burdened with baggage,a baggage he is willing to shed but he can't.

Client: Aamod Resorts

Production House : Xoheb Khan Studio
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
1st CA : Anmol Simon Lakra
2nd CA : Shobhit Singh
Stills : Xoheb Khan & Anmol Simon Lakra
Post Production : Shobhit Singh
MUA : Bijoyjeet Saikia
Stylist : Ajan Akash Baruah Tiktik
Crew :Nawang Saldon,Parii Pathak

Aamod Resorts Corporate Shoot 
Amidst the the ranges of Aravali roughly 175 kms from New Delhi via road lies a beautiful resort. A perfect weekend destination with your loved ones.

Shot on : Canon Mark III 5D

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Post Production : Shobhit Singh
Stills : Xoheb Khan & Safal Chouwdhary
Assistant Photographer : Anmol Simon Lakra
Assistant : Yash Rangar
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

A wedding film teaser of Shruti and Nitin. We loved shooting their gala wedding in jaipur and it was an amazing experience shooting their wedding in full rajasthani style.

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Editor : Shobhit Singh
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Editor : Shobhit Singh
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

“The funny thing is that although we place so much energy and importance on our wedding day, it isn't the biggest day of our life. The biggest day of your life is every day thereafter. Because it's not the pledge to love someone that matters, but the act of fulfilling that pledge that is most important. In other words, it's only just begun.

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Editor : Shobhit Singh
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio
Wedding Filming was not much of my affair..until now...Eventually when I realized it goes great with free beers Here is a small teaser of our cross cultural wedding film., "CULTURE COCKTAIL Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua Editor : Shobhit Singh Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All of me(cover) by Tanishaa.

Xoheb Khan Studio brings you studio sessions.
Tanishaa is aspiring young talent from New Delhi,this video being her first video. Set back and enjoy.
Shot & Edited by: Brijesh Birua
Location Courtesy :Studio Dorian,GK I,New Delhi

Xoheb Khan Studio brings you a mini web series about the unsung heroes of independent music circuit.A series that will give you a closer view to independent bands and artists across the country.

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Camera Assistant : Anmol Simon Lakra
Production & Artist Management : Garima Vohra
Editing : Shobit Singh
Post Production : Shobit Singh | Brijesh Birua
Location Courtesy : Studio Dorian

Model : Apurva Singh

Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Assistant : Anmol Simon Lakra
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Make Up Artist : Naseem Salmani
Editor/Compositor : Shobhit Singh
Location Courtesy : Green Beauty Farms (Greater Noida)

This time it was RDB that came down to our studio for some promotional pics.

Shanti Dynamite Photoshoot for Her upcoming movie "I LOVE DUBAI". This is her 1st shoot in India at Xoheb Khan Studio.

Photographer : Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Asst. Photographer : Anmol Simon Lakra
Post Processing : Shobhit Singh
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

Kudi Patole Vargayee by Trishna Band

Here comes our first music video for the band "Trishna".The song already got showcased on MTV Indies. If you you missed it there,we have it for you. Like Love Share.

Artist: Trishna Band
Production:Xoheb Khan Studio
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Assistant Camera : Xoheb Khan
Editor: Shobhit Singh
Post Production : Shobhit Singh and Brijesh Birua
Crew : Neeti Srivastava,Ashish Kapoor,Shobhit Singh,Kulsum Syeda

Hair Stylist: ZD Naseem Salmani

Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer:Brijesh Birua
Post Production : Shobhit Singh
Assistant Crew: Ashish Kapoor,Anmol Simon Lakra
Venue Courtesy : Xoheb Khan Studio & ZD Naseem Salon,G.K,N.Delhi

This is the short video we did for ZD Naseem Saloon,G.K Part 2,New Delhi,as part of their promotional campaign.

Entirely shot in ZD Naseem Saloon,G.K and Xoheb Khan Studio,Lajpatnagar.

Model : Apurva Singh

Make Up Artist : Priyanka Makhijani
Wardobe :Augustus Design House (Ravi Tirkey)
Videographer : Brijesh Birua
Post Production : Shobit Singh
Graphics : Abhishek Linda
Crew : Neeti Shrivastava | Varsha Shukhla |Ashish Kapoor 
Location :Xoheb Khan Studio, C-140,Dayanand Colony,Lajpatnagar Colony.

The shoot was done for Augustus Design House for their new collection named WHITE NOISE.

Our first video from the campaign PORTFOLIO MANIA.

Clicking portfolios for one and all because you are worth it.

Model: Manav Yadav
Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer:Brijesh Birua
Post Production:Shobhit Singh
Make Up & Styling : Z.D Naseem
Crew : Abhishek Linda,Varsha Shukhla,Neeti Shrivastav,Ashish Kapoor, Anmol Simon Lakra
Venue : Xoheb Khan Studio

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is the concept shoot by xoheb khan studio to show the innocence of angel when she comes to this earth, and the circumstances pushed her to loose her innocence and become cruel devil.

A music Video we shot in Nainitaal last year. A beautiful track, hope you like it.

Cinematography & Concept : Brijesh Birua
Post Production :Shobit Singh
Xoheb Khan Studio Production

Its her last day in Delhi. She wish to take back the fond memories of the city which has been her home since last 4 years.A date admist the busy Delhi road's and much more admist the sunset she loves the most. She is been clicking pictures throughout but later decides to enjoy the sunset,enjoy the moment than to capture it and feel happy about it.

Shot in Naukuchiataal(Nainitaal)
Advaita is a well known Rock fusion band from Delhi.Enjoy the band performing its  very known single"Miliha"
I own no musical  rights.
I edited this video for the production house I was working for a short while.
The music is sole property of the Artists performing.

Redesigned for Audi Gurgaon

I don't own this video this was redesigned for Audi,Gurgaon,India.