Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is the concept shoot by xoheb khan studio to show the innocence of angel when she comes to this earth, and the circumstances pushed her to loose her innocence and become cruel devil.

A music Video we shot in Nainitaal last year. A beautiful track, hope you like it.

Cinematography & Concept : Brijesh Birua
Post Production :Shobit Singh
Xoheb Khan Studio Production

Its her last day in Delhi. She wish to take back the fond memories of the city which has been her home since last 4 years.A date admist the busy Delhi road's and much more admist the sunset she loves the most. She is been clicking pictures throughout but later decides to enjoy the sunset,enjoy the moment than to capture it and feel happy about it.

Shot in Naukuchiataal(Nainitaal)
Advaita is a well known Rock fusion band from Delhi.Enjoy the band performing its  very known single"Miliha"
I own no musical  rights.
I edited this video for the production house I was working for a short while.
The music is sole property of the Artists performing.

Redesigned for Audi Gurgaon

I don't own this video this was redesigned for Audi,Gurgaon,India.