Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All of me(cover) by Tanishaa.

Xoheb Khan Studio brings you studio sessions.
Tanishaa is aspiring young talent from New Delhi,this video being her first video. Set back and enjoy.
Shot & Edited by: Brijesh Birua
Location Courtesy :Studio Dorian,GK I,New Delhi

Xoheb Khan Studio brings you a mini web series about the unsung heroes of independent music circuit.A series that will give you a closer view to independent bands and artists across the country.

Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Camera Assistant : Anmol Simon Lakra
Production & Artist Management : Garima Vohra
Editing : Shobit Singh
Post Production : Shobit Singh | Brijesh Birua
Location Courtesy : Studio Dorian

Model : Apurva Singh

Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Assistant : Anmol Simon Lakra
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Make Up Artist : Naseem Salmani
Editor/Compositor : Shobhit Singh
Location Courtesy : Green Beauty Farms (Greater Noida)

This time it was RDB that came down to our studio for some promotional pics.

Shanti Dynamite Photoshoot for Her upcoming movie "I LOVE DUBAI". This is her 1st shoot in India at Xoheb Khan Studio.

Photographer : Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Asst. Photographer : Anmol Simon Lakra
Post Processing : Shobhit Singh
Production : Xoheb Khan Studio

Kudi Patole Vargayee by Trishna Band

Here comes our first music video for the band "Trishna".The song already got showcased on MTV Indies. If you you missed it there,we have it for you. Like Love Share.

Artist: Trishna Band
Production:Xoheb Khan Studio
Cinematographer : Brijesh Birua
Assistant Camera : Xoheb Khan
Editor: Shobhit Singh
Post Production : Shobhit Singh and Brijesh Birua
Crew : Neeti Srivastava,Ashish Kapoor,Shobhit Singh,Kulsum Syeda

Hair Stylist: ZD Naseem Salmani

Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer:Brijesh Birua
Post Production : Shobhit Singh
Assistant Crew: Ashish Kapoor,Anmol Simon Lakra
Venue Courtesy : Xoheb Khan Studio & ZD Naseem Salon,G.K,N.Delhi

This is the short video we did for ZD Naseem Saloon,G.K Part 2,New Delhi,as part of their promotional campaign.

Entirely shot in ZD Naseem Saloon,G.K and Xoheb Khan Studio,Lajpatnagar.

Model : Apurva Singh

Make Up Artist : Priyanka Makhijani
Wardobe :Augustus Design House (Ravi Tirkey)
Videographer : Brijesh Birua
Post Production : Shobit Singh
Graphics : Abhishek Linda
Crew : Neeti Shrivastava | Varsha Shukhla |Ashish Kapoor 
Location :Xoheb Khan Studio, C-140,Dayanand Colony,Lajpatnagar Colony.

The shoot was done for Augustus Design House for their new collection named WHITE NOISE.

Our first video from the campaign PORTFOLIO MANIA.

Clicking portfolios for one and all because you are worth it.

Model: Manav Yadav
Photographer: Xoheb Khan
Cinematographer:Brijesh Birua
Post Production:Shobhit Singh
Make Up & Styling : Z.D Naseem
Crew : Abhishek Linda,Varsha Shukhla,Neeti Shrivastav,Ashish Kapoor, Anmol Simon Lakra
Venue : Xoheb Khan Studio